About CarrFord Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. in Barrington, New Jersey

After working for 5 years with a number of HVAC contractors, our owners recognized that customers were not receiving full value for their money and founded CarrFord Heating and Air Conditioning in 1981.

"Based on what we were seeing, we knew that we could provide technical quality — design, installation, and materials — as good or better than anyone who was in the business at the time, but more important to us was that we were certain our customer service and responsiveness would consistently be unrivaled."

More than 25 years later that commitment continues to drive CarrFord Heating and Air Conditioning. Adds President Bob Ford, "It's not just about pipe and ductwork and air velocity, although those are important. It's about ensuring that your family is comfortable in your home. If that means service 24/7 or annual maintenance, we will do what it takes, as we've proven over the years."
A Word about Our Technicians
Every technician is an expert in their field and keeps up-to-date with new products and materials. Our technicians are hired not only for their technical knowledge but, equally as important, for their conscientiousness and their demonstrated commitment to customer service.
Robert — Air Conditioning in Barrington, NJ
Robert J. Ford, President & Owner
Bob holds responsibility for Sales and Service and has the primary accountability for Operations and Installation. Bob has been in the HVAC business since 1979, starting as an installer and technician.

He has grown in the business because he has a unique aptitude for understanding the spatial and design requirements of a building's systems and for creating the ductwork to fulfill those requirements. Bob believes that satisfying the customer is the key to any successful business and often says that just getting the job done is only half the job.
Kathleen — Air Conditioning in Barrington, NJ
Kathleen Camburn, Office Manager
Kathy has more than 20 years' experience in office management and administration, with more than 10 of those years with us. She is recognized both within our organization and by our customers for her excellent customer relations skills, dedicating herself to ensuring that every customer who calls has a satisfying experience. She is the first line of contact and the heart of our customer care initiative.
Mark — Air Conditioning in Barrington, NJ
Mark Sargalski, Installation Specialist & Lead Mechanic
Mark has been with our company for more than 12 years and has a wealth of experience. Mark specializes in installations, sheet metal fabrication, designing duct systems, heating and air conditioning, boiler, water heater, and radiator installations. He has his degree from Lincoln Technical Institute in HVAC as well as Electrical Components Certifications.
Steven — Air Conditioning in Barrington, NJ
Steven Crank
Steven specializes in heating & A/C. installations & designing duct work. He has been with CarrFord for 2 years and in that time become a valuable employee.
Crhis — Air Conditioning in Barrington, NJ
Chris Mascioli
With a wealth of knowledge & expeirence and always eager to keep buy Chris will be there Spring & Fall for heating & A/C. maintenance, does repair calls and covers nights and weekend emergency calls.
Joe — Air Conditioning in Barrington, NJ
Joe Lopane
Joe is new to CarrFord this year. Nothing is ever too much to ask of him. His eagerness to learn & his hard work ethics are a plus to our company.
Audrey — Air Conditioning in Barrington, NJ
Audrey Tuckerman
With our company growing so has our need for office staff. Audrey is a graduate of Rowan with five years of customer service experience & 2 years in service administration.