Heater & Air Conditioner Maintenance in Barrington, New Jersey

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Equipment Inspections

Being complacent about the need for regular equipment inspections can be dangerous and may cause problems over the years. Missing your equipment inspection can compromise performance and reliability. Efficiency levels are usually the first thing affected by lack of maintenance, resulting in high operating costs and expensive repair costs.

CarrFord Heating & Air Conditioning knows how important it is to clean and service your equipment! With reminders twice a year and an automatic call and email reminder, you'll never have to worry again!

Heater Maintenance

At the beginning of every heating season, all heating systems should follow this checklist:
  • System Should Be Cleaned, Serviced, and Inspected
  • Burners Should Be Removed and Cleaned
  • Test Firing and Adjusting of the Equipment Should Be Performed
  • Heat Exchangers Should Be Cleaned
  • Motors Requiring Lubrication Should Be Oiled

Safety Inspections

Safety inspection should be performed to evaluate:
  • Venting
  • Chimney Piping
  • Connections
  • Overall Condition of the Heating System

Cooling Maintenance

At the beginning of every cooling season, all cooling systems should follow this checklist:
  • Clean Outdoor Condensing Coil
  • Check Freon Levels
  • Tighten Core Valves
  • Check Electrical Components and Connections
  • Check Temperature Split
  • Safety Inspection
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Duct Cleaning

If your family suffers from allergies or other respiratory ailments, having your ducts cleaned will rid allergens that contaminate your family's air. Dirty, restricted HVAC pipes double utility costs in addition to causing air flow losses. A dirty duct also leads to the failure of the mechanical components of your HVAC units.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and source removal techniques, our specialists can access and thoroughly clean any ductwork system.